Thursday, February 7, 2013

10 Reasons It's You And No One Else { Scenes From A Marriage }

1. When you come home from work, text me or call me you say ' Hey beautiful... '

2. Your working man hands. Cigar like fingers, callused palms, hands that can take of things, of people.

3. Your sudden and usually unexpected moments of pure insight into the human condition. 

4. Your routine with Ever after the bath. Plopped in towel on the bed, starting at her feet, patting each part dry until you get all done, except... ' What are we forgetting? ' you ask in a confused voice. Ever giggles. Holds up her arm and says in her teensy voice ' Armpit? ' and then you attack it and she cracks up. You ask ' What ELSE are we forgetting? ' and she holds up the other arm and says ' This one armpit? ' Then you do the car wash, head to toe. 

5. Your arms. Your shoulders. Your back. Your tattoos. Never, ever gets old.

6. The way you kiss me. Like you mean it.

7. You can still change your mind about people. The older we get, the more I see people getting petrified in their view on individuals and groups. You have strong opinions on people. but the minute you see something that makes you realize you were wrong, you change your mind. 

8. Sometimes you smile at me, like when I am running out of the grocery store to where you and the kids are waiting in the big white truck,  the sun just setting and the headlights of cars flashing around me, and you look like you did at 19 crazy in love with me, and I feel like I'm going to love you like this forever. That is one moment, and most moments don't feel like that. This feeling goes with us, however tucked away, everywhere we go.

9. We have a secret together. A secret, adult life that is you and I. A secret I take with me and carry and whisper to myself while I wipe crap off baby butts, clean the kids bathrooms, drive to Girl Scouts, make dinner, brush my hair, feed the dogs....

10. You work harder than any man I know.

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