Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the day off

Mr. Curry had no work today ( boo for the $ ) so it was, after dropping Lola off at school and Dakota left for work, just the three of us. We headed to Starbucks, then one of many local parks, and Ever played and played and whew, played. Home and her nap and work and clean and then a long stroller ride to the local grocery for some milk and bread. My mom picked up Lola to go sell Girl Scout cookies and before we left on our walk, I headed out front and hoola hooped with Kins. I only got two turns in though. She loved it. " Gain! Gain Momma! " Rest of the later afternoon and now I spent struggling against fatigue. So. Tired. I've been eating bread and too much sugar and so...puffy, pain, and tired. It's a slow climb back when I get knocked down by my own hand. Lots of green and peppermint tea, water and lemon, gluten free waffles, corn tortillas and that kind of thing in replace of breads, and ate the junky cheap sugary stuff so now all that is left is the dark chocolate in the freezer, which I just eat a square or two of a day. Hopefully I'll feel better in the next few days. 

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