Friday, February 22, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

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My local newsanchor, someone Mr. Curry and myself have watched on T.V. as long as we can remember, has been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. His story, recounted here, includes a mention of his blog. In one of the most moving blog posts I've ever read, entitled Midnight Poetry, he describes his immediate and overwhelming realization that connection, caring, reaching out to those suffering is it.

A Beautiful Bruise is the name of this blog post that resonated so deeply with me right now, as Dakota prepares to move out. ( more on that later )

Shane Koyczan  made this beautiful, electric, upsetting poem to animation about being bullied as he grew up, and WOW. Find him on Facebook. Recognize.

Students on bouncy balls in class? Genius.

I have a overwhelming pull toward this story and toward the 18 year old daughter and sister, Olivia, now the only surviving member of her family. The day the story came out I was immediately drawn to read about it, and instead of putting it aside afterward like usual, I kept googling it every day after, to see updates. Something about the combination of the amazing life and spirit of this close knit family, the fact that the young boy was nicknamed- as everyone called him- Geddie, the fact that they were on a blustery cold wind swept beach, the fact of the the dog, the fact of Olivia being left the lone survivor on shore, as one by one her family was literally grabbed by riptides and yanked into the water... haunting. Absolutely haunting me. Dakota was born the same year as Olivia. I imagine him in her position. What will happen to her? This obituary for the entire family gives a glimpse into their interesting, love filled lives.

This is one of my favorite posts, ever. Her absolute joy in breastfeeding her baby and toddler, her deep, emotional connection with her son as she does so, her grief over letting it go all completely mirror my own experience as a breastfeeding mother. I love the many gorgeous, touching images of her nursing her beautiful little guy. Love, love.

Many of you know that I have Endometriosis. At the time of my last surgery it was Stage 4, which means I had multiple adhesions and lesions all over my abdominal cavity as well as a large endometrioma on my left ovary. Padma Lakshmi gives a great interview here on her own pain and long struggle with endometriosis, as well as her delight in getting pregnant after being told it wouldn't happen. Unfortunately her many years suffering with horrible pain and no diagnosis is a common story. If you have unexplained pain, bleeding, pms and or serious problems with your period, consider looking into endometriosis. It's four times more common than breast cancer. (Those aren't the only symptoms, but they are the most common. )

These color photos of Paris from 1900 mesh perfectly with my obsession of the time between 1800-1940 and Paris. Beautiful.

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