Friday, February 8, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

lie down and read

Over and Over: It's not all in your head  A completely engrossing short list of death in one person's life by Robert Wilder

I became friends with Caroline Levitt through my beloved Facebook. She is a wonderful person to know via words, as you will see by her words here in NYT column Modern Love

I love MindBodyGreen and I hope to write for them on day. Meanwhile, I read them. This piece on 10 signs you are gluten intolerant is a succinct and possibly life changing concoction of information. I am gluten intolerant and paying for it right now, after bread, chocolate cake and ah..more bread. Curse you Soup Plantation!

This important award winning film is free to watch until Feb 10th.  Genetic Roulette- the gamble of our lives

I'm still processing what I think about many of the viewpoints in this piece in the NYT, but it's a great piece, chock full of information, ideas and questions on anxiety in children and why some thrive and some fail under pressure.

It's important to be real about what happens when we try to make people be someone other than who they are and important to be real about gay people: they can't be 'turned straight' nor should they be. It's a bunch of crap.

This piece on 'the share economy' in Forbes is fascinating. I've read it twice and I'm a gonna read it again.

Oh I loved reading this. It made my brain feel all orgasmy. Lorrie Moore writes about Homeland. Love. That. Show.

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