Saturday, February 2, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

Take a seat and read!!

Chris Beat Cancer I found this website researching something, and loved the inspiration of the story of this young dad's diagnosis with colon cancer, and his recovery with surgery and nutritional therapy. He did not do chemo or radiation.

I used to dye my hair regularly, and Hair Talk is the best source of information I've ever found on any question you could have about dying hair and a host of other hair information. The specific advice saved my head a few times when I had messed up with the dye or wasn't sure how to proceed with something.

I want to make this sweet Valentine Day heart tree with Lola. 

Mealtime Bootcamp is a series by Sheri Silver in which she instructs an overwhelmed mom how to manage dinner time. This is the first post in that series, and I'm loving following along and picking up ideas. There is something beautiful about organized stacks and containers of prepared ingredients!

A heartrending post by a mother who lost her oldest son, on how talking about him is one of the most important parts to being able to go on without him: Say His Name

This was the first poem I ever had published online. I'm still proud of it.

Some mornings, Ever and I watch You-Tubes together. She loves this ABC and so do I, it's so mellow.

Dakota's middle name is Wolf, and when he was maybe 9, 10, 11, he was interested in learning about wolves. We signed him up for a membership at the California Wolf Center and went up there twice to visit. Once we went and it was snowing; the combination of wolves and snow was magical. We actually saw quite a few wolves prowling around... they are magnificent. 

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