Thursday, May 26, 2011

absence of air in the presence of love {poem}

her eyes are quietude. think how beautiful that is.
her eyes make space for this:
the shadow of peonies bleed into the green
sheet hung to block the sun. she reaches
and pats the cotton. it sighs in the breeze.
back and forth. see how beautiful that feels.

if you can take a deep breath, rejoice.
her fists curl like tiny fronds
over the bronchial tubes. not disturbed
by absence of air, in the presence of love.
this is a lesson i am trying to absorb.
i run my peasant hands over her skin.
sink my eyes into her own again.
inside of her a small cry escapes the cells
where oxygen spoils outside closed doors.
but her eyes meet mine,
and she only cares for love.

this is a lesson i am trying to absorb.

maggie may ethridge
may 26 2011

doctor visit 10:00 am for ee
diagnosis : bronchiolitis
honorable mention: asthmatic?
questionable but possible: pneumonia
move forward: nursing, mommy takes E and C and D, fish oil and multiple, let's strengthen her lungs, breathing treatments every four hours, pound her chest to loosen mucus
Lone Star Ma said...

Prayers for her and you.

clearness said...

Ohhh poor baby Ever. Lots of love and prayers for you and your family.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry. Stressful, stressful. I had chronic pneumonia as a baby and child. And look at me now!

Anonymous said...

i pray for your baby, maggie....
precious girls....

the poem is fantastic, the repetitions... your voice reaches me for ever....
much love!!!!!

Maggie May said...

it's not THAT bad, not like it was before, it just helps to write about it and this came out :) she always responds well to the nebulizer. nighttime is exhausting, mr. curry is amazing support though and i am getting naps etc. we took her to the doctor and it's just a wait for her to get better!

Anonymous said...

i repeat, your writing is the best!!! happy everything will be fine soon!!!!!

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