Sunday, May 15, 2011

Backdoor Disneyland: Our Weekend Trip

We arrived in Anaheim in the afternoon, dropped Lola off with Taymar, Max and Caspian, and headed to our hotel. Lola had the amazing opportunity to go to Disneyland for free with our best friend Taymar and her son Caspian who is one of Lola's most beloved friends. Max is Taymar's boyfriend. So Mr. and I stayed at a hotel we picked online down the street from their awesome hotel:  Mr. Curry christened it Underwear Stain. So fitting. Brown droopy exterior with bird shit capping the windowsills, two of our three vending machines with hastily scribbled out of order signs, no ice machine on our floor, the fridge didn't work and our television was about 35 inches wide and 35 years old. Movies were 15$ a pop. Sweet! Ever and I had tootsies on the bed first thing, to break it in.

We showed Ever where she'd be sleeping later while Mommy and Daddy 'had fun'.

Then we made our family portrait, which was spontaneous and I instantly loved.

This is the ashtray out front of the classy hotel. When we came back later, Mr. Curry offered to retrieve this wine glass for me to use for the champagne. So sweet.

We hit Downtown Disneyland, which is where the poor man's version of Disneyland. Attached to Disneyland,  but not actually Disneyland, it's still pretty damn cool.- and free to enter!  Lego store, first stop. Awesome. We bought Cousin Reef his birthday gift. Mr. Curry stands next to the epitome of evil with a history of family abuse. Darth Vadar is the ultimate representation of what our parents can do to us, what we can do to our kids, and what holding in feelings does to our looks. :)

Ever Elizabeth trying on her Minnie Mouse hat. Aww!

Vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit...yummy!

Our picture taken by the nice lady in front of the fountain, who was very nervous about doing so.  A young girl in Ugg boots, sweats and a sweatshirt told me she liked my 'clean' style. Mr. Curry ribbed me for the rest of the evening.

We sat for early dinner at The Jazz Kitchen, representing New Orleans with appropriately jazzy music and ambiance- we looooved it. We love French Quarter everything.

We sat on the second level, overlooking Downtown Disney. Mr. Curry ordered his drink, Jack and Coke, which they made to his satisfaction, for once. And I had a house beer. Ever had a diaper change and nurtsies in the bathroom because I'm a coward and chickened out on public nursing. Sorry ladies.  In the stall, however, I heard this fascinating exchange between that strange species: American Teenage Girls: " Oh My God. I TOTALLY got my period. Shit! " " Like, now you'll have to tell Stefan. " " Damnit! And like, I can't believe you guys were gonna bail on me because I was late. It was not my fault and my Dad is gonna be fucking pissed. " " Yeah! I was like no! I was like no way we're not leaving her!" " Fuck no! " Ever and I were silent in the stall for a good ten minutes, doing our doings.  We came out and the one girl at the faucet froze, the other stuffing her boob into her dress turned red. Guess they didn't realize we were there.

We took in the beautiful weather and relaxing company.

Ever was fascinated with my  lemons.

Food: Seafood Jumalya Reaction" drooolohmgodyummmm "


Back at the hotel, Ever and I practiced eating our feet.

The next morning was rough. Mr. Curry and I stayed up late, drank, and crashed hard.

It rained.

The leftovers appropriately sorted, we exited Underwear Stain, never to return.
clearness said...

"Darth Vadar is the ultimate representation of what our parents can do to us, what we can do to our kids, and what holding in feelings does to our looks."......very well said. I love this! time, discretely nurse in public. You are beautiful and you show photos of you nursing to the world here on your blog. You are the leader and lead your fellow nursing mommas!

Melinda Owens said...

Sounds like a much needed break. Everyone needs a holiday, even if the holiday is underwear stained, with birdshit on the windowsill!

Ms. Moon said...

I had a friend who said that his wife practiced the Las Vegas showgirl style of nursing. I loved that. But we all do what we can do.
And I have to tell you that this post made me just about as happy as anything I've ever read. Or seen. Both.
Lovalicious. Yum-yum.

Corinne said...

LOVE the family portrait!

Terresa said...

Haven't been to DL for ages, ahh, the wine glass, maybe next time retrieve it? :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, it looks like so much fun. And that Ever is delicious. I adore her little owl outfit, the sweater, the hairband -- my God, she's so damn cute!

--is the font getting smaller and smaller on your blog or am I going blind? :)

Rachella said...

Hope you had a wonderful time!

~Amber Elise~ said...

Sounds like quite a trip and a fun little get away for you guys! Ever is a gorgeous baby girl, so alert, awake, and ready! Love the pictures.ta

Petit fleur said...

I LOVE IT! All of it!

I especially love the ole football hold Mr. Curry has on Ever in that one photo. Her tiny booty fits perfectly in the palm of his hand.

So happy you had some grown up fun along with kiddie fun!

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

You highlight the special moments in life in this vacation--the funny, the sweet, the yummy--that would make anyone here appreciate family and the moments we have together.
The family portrait--I ADORE--as do I love the picture of you and Ever nursing and trying to eat your feet! :)

Loved this one, Maggie and I'm so glad you all had some time for a little rest and relaxing. ♡

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ever is so cute. Love the family portrait.

Glad you guys got away for some fun.



January Dawn said...

Looked like you guys had a fantastic and well deserved time away. Loved all the pics. Beautiful.

Ida Mae said...

what a great story!

I had to laugh at "clean style"


mmm tasty toes!

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