Thursday, May 5, 2011

MOMOIR's First E-Book Release: Stories I've Only Told My Mom

For some highly annoying reason that I've yet to figure out, the new Blogger format won't let me upload many of my pictures, so I offer you this without image.

The wonderful MOMOIR project headed and created by former Babble editor Sarah Byrden-Brown is completed: an E-Book called Stories I've Only Told My Mom

I am banging myself vigorously (dirty minds, people) on the head because I missed the deadline for entries in this wonderful compilation, and can only hope there are future books I can contribute an essay to. Meanwhile, I purchase my copy of Stories I've Only Told My Mom eagerly, can't wait to dive into essays featuring many bloggers I love and read regularly:  Monica from The Girl Who and Katie from Mamapundit, to mention just two. For the price of under six bucks, you can't beat it!
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