Monday, October 1, 2012

An Irish Party

For Mr. Curry's Uncle Mike's 50th birthday party, we all gathered at a Curry house for a big ole Irish drinkin party. First, the pool.

Ever was in heaven and ' go in the water ' was the first thing she said when we arrived.

Lola swam happily too, after a long protracted crying spell because she couldn't find a bathing suit she liked at Wal-Mart- her summer suit had been ruined. 

I have film of Mr. Curry throwing Dakota up in the air in exactly this same way when D. was about three or four.

And he liked it just as much :)

A father's love. Irreplaceable. 

Cousins Jacob and Reef were there, Ed's sister Kristi's boys, that Lola is very close with since they were born.

And the newest Curry, Ed's cousin Anna's boy, Parker!! Ever was in baby love.

I know I look good.

The boy cousins ( four ) all ended up in the hot tub and Ever sat on the side with me gallantly getting soaked so she could have fun. 

That smile.

Ever had a BLAST. She danced and played and didn't cry until we had to leave.

Ever's cousin Kaitlyn. Ever loves K. and played with her a lot.

Contemplating. This was right before it got darkish and the movie of Uncle Mike's life so far played on a big canvas type movie screen. I didn't get a shot of it, but it was awesome.

Only an Irish house and an Irish party would have a built in urinal.

Blurry, but sweet. I had half of some kind of vodka whipped cream mixed drink, one shot and less than half of some other kind of mixed drink over the four or five hours we were there. So fun. Mr. Curry drove home. In case you were wondering. He only had a beer :)

My FIL, one of the kindest, hard working and most decent men I've ever met. I consider myself very blessed to have him in my life. Cousins Reefy and Jacob the Viking.

Kristi ( Mr. Curry's gorgeous sister, my sweet sister! ) Mr. Curry and Aunt Chris

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