Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home PSA

Every day Lola pulls her school Ipad out and uses it for homework and sometimes at bedtime, watches Youtube or chats with friends. Ever says ' Ipad too! '
Ever whines ' Ipad TOO! ' and Lola replies ' Not right now, it's sissy's turn ' or ' You want to draw on iPad? ' and Ever nods and blinks and says ' Yeah, OK. ' That's her phrase right now. ' Yeah, OK! ' She says it all day. 

She also says ' Nope. ' 

She also is drawing on everything. EVERYTHING. No matter how many pens I find and hide, she finds another in some secret spot and draws on whatever- the door, the wall, the furniture. The entire upstairs has marker, some permanent, on it from just the last week. I had been cleaning it all off like a madwoman and ran out of those environmentally killing bleachy type pads. 

She is counting to four and attempting to sing ABC and says DOUBLE S instead of W, X which is
really, really cute. Tonite she was lying in the dark in bed as I was on Facebook and suddenly she is saying  

' I said COW. I said MOOOO! I said COW. I said MOOOO '  ???

She insulted Mr. Curry by calling his penis a niney (vagina) in the bathroom last week. 

I always say to her ' MY baby' and she has taken to cuddling up, hugging me tight and saying ' MY baby' 
to me. She also has started giving hugs while saying 'hug' and giving kisses on her own accord. We love kisses and hugs in this house and cannot get enough, except Mr. Curry, who can do with a respectable amount of kisses and or hugs and then is done. I however know no such boundry and neither do my girls. Ever kisses Dakota when he asks but she does so with reserve. With me, she is exuberant. It's awesome.  

Lola is taking guitar and learning to play Twinkle Twinkle, one of Ever's favorite songs in the world, next to ABC and Barney's themesong. 

She is newly obsessed with Mickey Mouse, pronounced ' Meek Mouse ' according to Ever. We
watch old fashioned MM cartoons on YouTube every night for the last week or so and she's in love.
She scrambles on the bed next to Lola and looks hopefully at the computer: ' Meek Mouse? Meek Mouse? ' Thank God she likes SOMETHING besides Barney.

She sticks her finger way up her nose, it fits so perfectly, and then holds it out to me saying 'booger?'
I say no- there never are any- and she wipes it on my shirt anyway. Just because she can.  

She is obsessed with pointing out to me where the dogs pooped outside and squatting next to it, pointing and exclaiming 'POOP!' until I clean it up. If she could have a little siren and orange cones to put around the poop pile, she would. 

She is 22 months.

She is perfect.

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