Saturday, October 20, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!!!

My newest post is up at the Huffington Post, about bipolar and my marriage. 

Comedians in cars getting coffee- this is awesome and funny!! I just want to know where the women are?

Do you  need a photographer? Based in Long Beach, Kayla is wonderful. Check her out here

A historian has made an amazing art history project by overlaying images of soldiers from WW2 onto the current day location of the exact same.

The organization ChildHelp is all about preventing child abuse. Their site is really easy to navigate, nice too look at, and full of really helpful and important information. Bookmarked.

In Forbes, a small piece on 5 easy ways to amp up your creativity.

I loved this post on Mommas Gone City on her struggles with discipline with her young son. I don't necessarily agree with everything she says, but I love the thought, care and heart she is putting into helping her son, and the honesty and clarity of her writing.

Solving Kids Cancer seems to be a great website for raising money to fight against children's cancers.

I came across three personal writings on health care, all fascinating and both important to read. Calvin's Story is the recounting of a mother of a severely disabled son, and Leslie's story Who Are The Uninsured? is about a family unable to afford health care for life threatening disease. A Possibly Fatal Mistake, in NYT, is the story of one man's decision that will most likely cost him his life. 

I had been following Tucker's story. He was 18 and had leukemia, and he died.  Play It Sweet In Heaven, written by a family friend,  is one of the most heart rending, raw and touching writings I've ever been privledged to read online. You can too.

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