Friday, October 12, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read! -viaapartmenttherapy
A really heartwarming post about two women- one a mother of a teenage daughter with Aspergers, the other with Asperbergers herself- who had a rocky friendship. When the daughter wanted an 'impossible dress' for her high school dance, the other woman decided she was going to make it for her. And WOW. The dress is amazing, as is the story.

Lena Dunham, I didn't think I could love you anymore. But this? Made me love you more. 'I don’t think a girl with tiny thighs would have received such no-pants attention. I think what it really was..."Why did you all make us look at your thighs?  My response is, get used to it because I am going to live to be 100, and I am going to show my thighs every day till I die.' I hope in my whole life I ever get quoted saying anything nearly as kickass cool as that.

I just caught up on the recent episodes of Parenthood here. Such a good show. I feel like their extended family is very much like my family, and it makes me feel like I am enough, despite my ( teensy tiny ) flaws ( epic flaws, epic ) I am also watching The Good Wife, and plan on catching up on Dexter! ( when I can stand the creep factor )

Why, why would anyone show me this website? FREAKING AWESOME. I don't have enough time!!!

Emily Rapp's writing just keeps expanding

On Classic Play a DIY on how to make Halloween straw toppers- super easy and adorable. 

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