Monday, October 22, 2012

Ian's 16th Birthday Party

haha! Ever is AWESOME in this picture and Mr. Ian has his eyes closed and Dakota couldn't get out of work and my Halloween sign is crooked, but here were are! Ever looks like a cartoon lol

It was an overcast, grey and cold day, perfect for just hanging out and talking and snacking while the barbecue was cooking. From left, my mom, Aunt Kristi ( love you! ) the boy, Grandpa Ed and the peak of Lola's little face :)

My mom and Lola have a very special relationship and have grown really close over the last three years especially. Lola goes and spends the night and they cook, read, play and watch Rachel together :)

This is mostly Mr. Curry's mom's side of the family representing here, minus Reef to the left.

Grandma and Grandpa Nash. They are so sweet together and always looking out for their family. They lost their beautiful daughter Cindy to diabetes when she was only a young woman, and have very loving hearts. I still remember Mr. Curry telling me about his Aunt's death for the first time when we were about 18, and how deeply saddened he was. He said she was wonderful, joyful and full of life and kind. 

This was the first time Ever really participated in hanging out with the cousins. She had a BLAST. Look at that expression!

They kicked a ball around, drew with chalk and climbed trees. 

Ever, Jacob, Reef and Lola- 22 months, 4, 5 and 10

Sigh. Wolfgang, move your butt!

Jacob's face perfectly captures my sentiments exactly. Really, big dumb dog? Can't you see we're trying to take a picture here? 

Wolfie and Bodie chowin on grass.

The beautiful birthday boy and his father and his father. I love them all.

I really love this picture of Ever Ysbeth. It captures something essential about her right now. 

We had to pretend to blow the candles out like four times after he actually did. Hence the laughter. Good sport. Cookies and cream cake. YUM.

A bunch of us. I love family.
You can't see the adorable Elmo pumpkin we had up because Lola and Ian got into such a raging battle of where the Elmo head should be, and switched it back and forth so many times, that I thought the pumpkin was going to end up smashed on the floor and I removed it until cooler heads could prevail. I love family.

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