Friday, February 13, 2009

Barack Obama In Love

Love: The New America
this is love as i know it, love exhausted but supported, worked to the bone but deeply gratified, weary but lit with new light, humbled but reassured, aware of the long road ahead but not alone, not alone.

i am so grateful for Mr. Curry, for Dakota Wolf, Ian Oliver, and Lola Moon, my family, for who i rise every morning and face every challenge and insecurity and pain and frustration with the ever present awareness of my clan, my pack, my family: the blessing of their love and companionship has given me a deeper satisfaction, meaning and purpose to my life than i ever imagined. no matter how hard the road we walk, we walk it together, and Mr. Curry and i make point to say this out loud, that we are a family, that we are always there for each other, and that this must translate into the wider world, our human family. at home we learn about bonding and the work of love, and we want our children to bring this into their adult lives, so we say it: we say we are a family and we must stick by each other,
we say: we love you, we say: always look out for each other, we say: we will always look out for you, we are always on your side,
we say these things out loud weekly, and our children's faces reflect the joy they feel inside hearing this and knowing this, and we continue our Family Nights and our Saturday Excursions and everyone has dinner at the table four nights a week and attending games and recitals as a family, because this is the beginning of everything.

and now that we have a President who understands love is action
and family is the beginning of love
and in that family we learn how to love
how hard love can be
but how ultimately it is really the only thing
to extend it to others
and this extension is possible only through action
and that in that extension, we are producing meaning for ourselves, and in doing so, saving ourselves from despair
so that in a family, we learn how to be human
things will get better now.

i love you President Obama

Tiff said...

Thank you for posting this picture. Everytime I see one like it I am reminded that love exists in togetherness...
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Sharon said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your familiy realizes how lucky they are:)

The Panic Room said...

NOW this was exceptional to read. I can take the happiness from someone that is a truth teller and can express all of the emotions of a single breath. Great post and thank you for always offering up another side to a point. I really do appreciate it.

Ms. Moon said...

Your site is so lovely. Truly.

Sandi said...

I love that picture! I love the Obama's!

nkp said...

Doesn't matter where you are on the political scale, something like this should resonate with everyone, it's really all just about our humanity...and your words along side that photo are so fitting. Beautifully written Maggie, Happy Valentine's Day!

CashmereLibrarian said...


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I keep coming back to look at that photo. Really beautiful.

I would like to send him a Valentine right about now.

Bridgeburners said...

There are so many beautiful pictures of those two.

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