Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Downsized: Happy New Year!! We Moved!!!

Everkins at our old house :)

Oh MY GOSH! I miss you guys so much. I feel weird without my blogworld, like part of my brain that is plugged in here is like Um, who turned off the lights? No Facebook, no blogging, no emails, just sick me, sick husband, sick baby, and moving moving moving. We are here! We are in the state of shock called New To The Neighborhood where our stuff is still in boxes all over the house, and we collapse in bed at the end of the night completely and totally exhausted from working full time to come home to unpacking, dinner and baths and bed. I have not french kissed my husband in weeks, people. WEEKS. This is unheard of for the Currys. I don't even want to go near our sex life. In fact, we haven't!! Get it! Get it! OK, really bad joke brought on by moving psychosis. Just now as I type this post, the fire alarm went off downstairs because Mr. Curry is attempting to bake pizzas for dinner.  Who puts a fire alarm in a kitchen? We have an oven!! We haven't had an oven in two years. So Dakota is back at home, and that is awesome, he and Ian back to sharing a room (sniff) and Lola Ever Mr. Curry and myself have slept together in the master bedroom the last couple nights. The girls are sleeping much better because this house is not cold and drafty, and Ever's breathing is much better at night- I can't tell you how happy that makes me.  She's on antibiotics and a steroid and breathing treatments after getting very sick last week, and doing much better. I feel really really weird. This happens to me whenever major change occurs. I get a little dissociative. It's unsettling and unpleasant but I handle it better and better as life goes on. I can't wait to finish packing and get back to your blogs and see what is happening in your worlds. We did it!!!  xo
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