Friday, January 27, 2012

The Gods Of Blogging Are Very Dissapointed With You

It has been brought to my attention
(which is extremely limited, like a small, harried housemouse)
that many of you are unable to, after many attempts of strange
word combinations that you fear ( OK, I fear ) might actually
be code for some government conspiracy to control our minds
like abbaisgoodmusic or eatnabiscoproducts
have still been completely and absolutely and abject failure
at commenting on Flux Capacitor.
So sorry for your bad fortune.
It is my delight and your great good fortune
that I can tell you
when FC gets a remodel in February
the Gods Of Blogging will be ensuring
that you are no longer a total failure at commenting!!
With this reassuring pat on your kind but inefficent shoulders,
you can now breathe a great sigh of relief,
in addition to telling your Mother you have finally
done something right.
Or almost. In February, you will.

Elisabeth said...

I haven't had much trouble commenting here, at least whenever I visit, Maggie, but I look forward to your blog refurbishment in February. Maybe it's time I did one, too.

Maggie May said...

Elisabeth I'm glad you haven't! I think the majority don't- I hope- but over the last few months, every time I post an essay, a handful of people contact me to say they were unable to comment.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Shall I have a try? Not that I've got anything startlingly interesting to say .... but that has never stopped me before .
But according to the little box at the bottom "reacipwi" will allow me in .

Lone Star Ma said...

Love the image!

While I haven't had trouble commenting here, you apparently, have trouble commenting on my blog...HINT.

hayley said...

I haven't had any trouble commenting, but how do you have the uncanny ability to make everything sound so poetic--even when you're talking about blog makeovers?! Good writer, you.

Masala Chica said...

I always get sad when I don't get comments - don't people have something to say? Didn't my writing mean something? But I have also come to accept from the Gods of blogging that the greatest law of blogging is to enjoy it. While I want it to be something interactive - if people aren't inspired, it doesn't mean I still shouldn't be write. And that has happened.

Haven't been on the circuit, but will be reading (and commenting) more!

Chrissy Johnson said...

I've been having trouble commenting on lots of blogger I've been using my Far Away login to do so. Looking forward to changes and updates on your blog! Change is always lovely, isn't it?

Lo said...

I am so sorry you haven't been getting comments.....that is so discouraging for a blogger! It 3would make me cut my throat or perhaps stop blogging. Perhaps it is because the "post comment" line is so small.

II enjoy your posts and always come back for more, but I don't always comment because I don't have enough time to read and comment on everything.

Chin up, dear.

Caroline said...

I've never had a problem commenting, thankfully. Your blog is one that I not only enjoy reading, but I also enjoy commenting and reading the comments.

I know your makeover will look awesome. I can't wait to see it in Feb! xo

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