Monday, January 23, 2012

Downsized: A Photo-Memory of the First Week Move-In

Ever played with Lola and the new friends outside. She's yelling at the dogs here. Maybe she's yelling " Hey, don't poop there, we have a Homeowner's Association that will, within one week of us moving in, call and 'report' that we did not clean up our dog poop, even though we TOTALLY DID EVERY TIME, and Mom can prove it if you want to see the bags of crap!!! "

My baby.

What is cuter than a squatting one year old?

Lola is nine and more radiant every day. Also VERY SASSY. And talkative.

"What? I just learned how to walk."

Moving in a new, smaller place is really, really, really busy. Doing it with a sick baby is... laundry that desperately needs to be done but doesn't get done.

The dogs were surprisingly cool with it all. I read up on how to handle it with them and followed instructions and they've done really well.

Stuff. Everywhere.

More everywhere. More stuff.

Smile, Ever!

Ever ate it at my work. Her poor noggin.

Skinny jeaned baby bossing two oversized mutts.

Amanda said...

I love your babies and all the sunshine and your new place. Everything looks so bright and cozy and ready for you.

Ms. Moon said...

Yay! I love these. I love all of you. And Lola took her hat off!

Elizabeth said...

The pictures are awesome. And you're right: there's not much cuter than the backside of a toddler squatting. :)

Bea, OT said...

Your baby and my baby should have a "who's the boss" contest! So adorable! Thanks for visiting my site!

Mama Smith said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm excited to find yours. Your family and photos are so beautiful (and sunny!). Moving is always painful since I'm a lover of "stuff" but everything looks lovely in your new place!

NodToStyle said...

Ever is even CUTER now that she's walking around. So sweet. And your new place? Amazing! Looks lovely.

Caroline said...

I LOVE your new place! Great lighting--a great space!

Ever and Lola are adorable as always. I can't believe that Ever is walking!! Where does the time go?

delphine said...

Happy New Home to you all!
Wishing you all the best in your new nest.

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