Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Everything, A Place & Everything In Its Place: Downsized and Organized

Since we've moved, I'm happily obsessed with re-decorating our home into a beautiful machine of organizational aesthetic.  The kitchen wall shelving above is exactly what I hope to duplicate in my own ( all white! ) new kitchen.

We don't own this many cups or bowls!
Adding plants and photos all over
I"m using a lot of gold frames, stacks of books and magazines, and careful tabletop arranging

Kristin H said...

Pretty and sweet at the same time!

Erin and Andrew Dodson said...

Organization!!!! I love it. Beautiful photos and great inspiration!

Erin & Andrew Dodson

Caroline said...

I LOVE gold frames! I know your place is looking gorgeous--just like the family that lives there! xo

Lauren Knight said...

I love all-white kitchens. AND open shelving. But I worry about dusting open shelving. And there's not much I despise more than dusting. Ironing, maybe.

Either way, I share your enthusiasm to change a new space. We moved about a year ago, and I find redecorating to be so therapeutic. Good luck with yours!

mosey (kim) said...

When you're done with yours, feel free to come over and do mine. (ha)

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