Friday, March 15, 2013

Father Daughter 80's Dance

They went, they danced, they conquered. You can see who Mr. Curry is, right?.. A guy from a little movie called The Breakfast Club. Lola held Mr. Curry's hands while they danced to prevent as much embarrassment as possible. Alas, he still did Gundam Style, AND the sprinkler AND the shopping cart. They'd never gone to the F/D before, because Lola didn't want to- until this year.

She burst into tears as they left. He asked what was wrong, and she said
I am sad I didn't want to go the other years! 

They went to ice cream, and both came home with their faces lit up in happiness and I don't think Mr. Curry will ever really know what that means to me.  It was obvious what it meant to the two of them. I love these two!!!

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