Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poop, Gum and Pee

Ever is so obsessed with nursing that her way of coping with my new 'scheduled' nursing plan is to beg for ' just a yittle bit? ' and then when still told no, not until xyz time, she says 


Well OK. Gum. I am sure that Stacey would never be so stupid as to give her 2 year old gum, but she also probably wouldn't have a kid old enough to have stinky feet who is still begging to suck on her boob every half hour. Stacey is the mom of four little kids, while I am the mom of four kids spread out all over the age contium. I've noticed that having so many littles crammed into a few years makes for a much more disciplined household, or complete chaos. If I had had Dakota, Ian, Lola and Ever all in a short time span, I have a feeling I'd be nowhere near as together as Stacey. Although there is this post, where she ends up answering the door with poop smeared in her hair, holding a naked baby and yelling at her other son to hold his penis down, not realizing that...well, you have to read it find out. It reminds me of the time I was hugely pregnant and had bronchitis, a dislocated rib and was trying to make it to the bathroom when my pee pad ( you wear things like pee pads when you're pregnant for the third time) went flying out and Mr. Curry had to carry me to the bathroom, pee, pregnant and all. Ah, glory days.
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