Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tom Waits, Cheap Avocados, Kids and Art

Hello everyone. Here we have Lola painting with watercolor, amazing 50cent avocados from the Farmer's Market ( must eat now, very ripe, hence price ) and $3 flowers from same Market. Tablerunner from a million years ago at Target. I love Target.
I'm listening to Tom Waits this morning. 

Kids I'm caring for and Ever, painting and drawing in the afternoon. Ever's little bus she tied a belt to and drags everywhere on the floor. The tin foil stars Lola and I made five or so Christmas' ago hanging from the lights.

My kitchen. I love this kitchen.

Late afternoon dishes. Our dishwasher doesn't work and after the third time the same guy came to 'fix' it I gave up bothering our landlord. My teas on left. We drink green tea for health and peppermint tea for any stomach upsets. I give it to the kids from the time they are little in hopes of instilling a life long habit. Green tea pretty much helps to prevent everything bad from happening to you.

Our wall of art from my daycare kids and my own kiddos. I love Lola's little illustrations of people filled in with marker or watercolor. The top right drawing she did after Ever was born, it's of all six of us. I love it. The left middle is her schedule fro when she gets home from school ' Get a snack, do homework...' 

Oh my babies. This is when Lola was maybe 2, and the boys were about 7 (Ian) and 9 (Dakota). The love.

My wall next to the fridge of beautiful rooms and Lady Gaga paper doll. Plus knives and organic olive oil.

M. and Ever playing blocks. I got that rug about 4 years ago at an Estate sale. It's so yuck now.

My fridge. Top left is Ian as a baby and Dakota at 2. <3 :="" a="" after="" and="" assigned="" best="" blonde="" card="" chocolate="" dakota="" day="" e="" for="" friend="" from="" grateful="" had="" hair.="" helped="" holds="" hot="" i="" is="" justin="" list="" lola="" magnet="" math="" much="" nbsp="" paper="" particularly="" pic="" s="" snotty="" so="" stand.="" stationary="" td="" thank="" the="" them="" things="" this="" timberlake="" under="" was="" when="" with="" you="">

Early dinner, so we could go on a long walk afterward. Mr. Curry was behind me. 

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