Sunday, March 24, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!!!

This website is the neato pasquitos. MORE LOVE LETTERS is a beautifully executed idea to send love letters to strangers who desire them. I'm so in!

If you don't want to laugh your ass off, whatever you do, don't watch this.

As a mother and a writer I deeply loved reading Maureen's words about the delayed birthing her first poetry book. Relating hard.

I think most of us need this reminder from Jennifer Pastiloff from time to time: I Don't Like You, But I Want You To Want Me

You know the actor Dax Shepard, from Parenthood? He writes a blog, and this last entry about the death of his father is an absorbing, funny, emotional read. 

Lena Dunham is absolutely, 100% the most exciting woman to come along in words in a long time. I have a 100% verified obsession with her. Playboy interview: I don't want the body of a Victoria Secret model, mine is more powerful

The Things I Did Before I Found What I Was Supposed To Do is a short testimony to the importance of experimentation and faith in a process.

My Budget Fashionista feature on Diane Von Furstenburg for Women's History Month. What a force she is!

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