Monday, March 11, 2013

Why, I Never

Ever Elizabeth is 2
Lola Moon is 11

Lola calls Ever 'Kin-ah', which is,without realizing it, a tip of hat to her Southern roots. Kinaahh.
Ever calls out  ' Lola! Lola pmon!!! ' And usually, Lola pomons.
They play princess dress up. They brush teeth. They bathe. They go to the special place outside in between the condos where there are bushes and dirt, and they make pies and leaf houses for fairies and pile rocks.

They wrestle.
They get hurt, or mad, or irritated, they yell, Lola says ' Ever stop that! Dat hurt me! ' And Ever says  ' No Lola! I never tell you that! '  Ever is ' I never' everything, as in: 

Ever, please eat your dinner.
No! I never have that!

Ever, let's change your diaper.
I never change my diaper!

Ever, let's put your socks on.
No mommy I never have that one!

Ever I love you.
No I never love you!

Those are her angry words: I. Never.

Again, tip of hat to those Southern roots, my girls. Why I never.

If Ever is upset at something I'm not letting her do, or the tone of my voice, she calls out plaintively, pathetically, ' Lola? ' And Lola comes and says dramatically ' Who hurt my Kins? ' and picks her up and holds her close and Ever wraps her legs around Lola's waist and wraps her arms around Lola's neck and Lola makes soothing noises and Ever scrunches her face deep into her sister's long pin thin collarbone and closes her eyes and if anyone, anywhere ever looked more smug, I've never seen 'em.

In the morning sometimes Ever wakes first and walks wobbly with a briar brush of morning hair and sits on Lola's face and says ' Lola? Lola what are you doing? ' 
Not sleeping. 
But then she leans over and kisses Lola's eyes and holds her face with her tiny fat hands and says ' Oh I love you sooooooo much Lola. You my best friend. ' and Lola's enormous blue eyes open to the day where the first thing she sees is her sister's face and the first thing she hears is how loved she is, and who could resist that?

Amelia said...

Well. That made me cry. Rather unexpectedly I must say.

Just beautiful.

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