Monday, March 25, 2013

Four Girls Sunday Swim

We were supposed to go camping early Saturday morning, the whole family (minus Dakota, sniff ) and E., Lola's best friend, pictured here. Instead, Mr. Curry was the last of us to get the stomach flu, and Friday  morning had to pull over in Albertson's parking lot to puke on his way to work. An entire day of chills, fever, and other assorted unpleasantries I won't mention here later, we realized the camping trip would not be. Poor Lola. This trip was for her, a belated Birthday celebration. She had planned a party but instead, last minute, changed her mind and wanted to go camping.

Saturday we thought 'today, we'll make up for it!' and planned a day of fun and frivolity. One thing after the other went wrong and Lola spend a large portion of the day crying. She's 11. She cries kind of a lot anyway, so this extra crying was hard for all of us. The day ended at about 6pm with Mr. Curry, finally feeling better, Ian, Lola, Ever and myself all hanging in the living room contemplating our luck. ' Sometimes you just have to accept that things are shitty,' I announced. ' You have to say to yourself, MAN THAT WAS SHITTY. And Lola laughed, and agreed, and we all agreed that Subway and a good movie were in order and as Captain Picard would say. MAKE IT SO, so we did.

And Sunday was even better. I have these pictures to prove it.

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