Sunday, March 3, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!!

This collection of images- all with a man's hand reaching forward, holding his girlfriend's hand as she tromps through various amazing spots around the world, the back of her head, torso, arse- are so fun, so beautifully tweaked.

How to small space compost- I'ma gonna do this!

On Enjoying the Small Things, Kelle writes a very smart post on transitioning from two to three kiddos, along with her usual collection of lovely, large crisp photos of family life. The post contains one of the truest truths, a simple thing so easy to forget, that I've read about parenting small kids:

" You don't have to go an extra mile to create imaginative memories for kids--an inch is all it takes.  A lunch becomes a picnic when you add a blanket.  A nail painting session becomes a spa night when you throw some cucumber slices in the mix.  Dinner becomes a dinner party when everyone wears a hat.  Cooking becomes a "cooking show" when you describe every step while you stir (and do it in a British accent!).  A living room dance becomes a Carnegie Hall performance when you shine a flashlight on the dancer.  Grocery shopping becomes an adventure when you stop to talk to the lobsters. "

Settle in to read this unsettling, absorbing, fascinating fiction in the Paris Review: Emergent

A new study showing that a certain Vit C treatment can double survival time for pancreatic cancer patients.

Oh River. My first celebrity crush, posters on my wall, throbbing in my loins, the whole deal. What a wonderful face he had- wonderful name!  His last movie emerges.

What do grown children who had abusive and cruel parents owe their parents as they age? This piece is important. 

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