Friday, March 8, 2013

What's Happenin?

I'm so loving Picmonkey. It's free ( for basic, which I use ) and so fun!

Mr. Curry is at work. It began pouring rain around 3am and I woke and listened to it in the silence of my dark room, Ever next to me. A minute later she woke, sat up and asked ' a little bit tootsies? ' so I pulled her close and nursed her. 

Lola made lunch for herself and Mr. Curry last night. When I came downstairs after she was asleep, I found his sandwiches cut into two heart shapes ( we have a few shaped molds for cut outs ) and a letter from her in his lunchbox. ' I can't wait for our dance tonite Daddy! You are the best Daddy in the world! ' They are going to the father daughter dance tonite at her school, 80's themed. Mr. Curry is going as Judd Nelson, a la Breakfast Club. 

I am watching two little people now, off and on. Their schedules have been all over the place, and their parents, just like me, are penny pinching so any chance they can not bring their kids- if Dad is home, or grandma- they don't, so my pay is all over the place too. It's been two weeks since they started and they've only been here about a week between the two of them. I cannot wait until the small trickle of money this is bringing in begins to help us. We are in a scary place financially. This time of year is the worst for Mr. Curry's  business, and the same man who was working 7 days a week is lucky right now to have 5 days of work, and many times it is 4. When you live paycheck to paycheck, this is devastating. I am also picking up at Budget Fashionista and excited about the growth of the magazine. It's a great place to work for- the editor is amazing, the friendliest and more involved editor I've ever worked with, and she knows her shit.  I'm also occasionally applying for other writing positions. Finding the time to work on my novel is ridiculous. I mean it's just not happening. It sits there, calling me, and I get ideas, and there isn't time. I would have to give up my work outs, or my online writing jobs, or my day job, or time with my family, and those things all have to come first. I suppose if Mr. Curry and I worked it, I could find time once a week to write. But when you are constantly distracted by stress, it's hard to find time in an already packed schedule to plan more.

I made a collage during art time with Ever and a nugget I watch,  and hung it in my kitchen. It simply says Be Here Now

Mr. Curry is so supportive of my writing. Every now and then he reads my blog and tells me the kinds of things a husband tells his wife, how I'm the best writer ever! and etc., and it never fails to make me happy. He takes over with the kids almost every weekday night for an hour or two while I sneak away upstairs to work on a column, a piece, a project or sometimes blog here. 

For the last month and half I've been working out regularly. I put a big pink W.O. for work out on my whiteboard calendar in the kitchen whenever I do, and also write HIKE when we do, and so far it's 4-5 days every week I manage to fit it in. After I work out ( I do DVDs at home, all of which I've had for years, one I've had SINCE DAKOTA WAS TWO. Holy crap! ) sometimes I put my yoga DVD in and do that for 20 minutes. Ever swaggers in and says ' Mommy you do yoga? ' and busts out downward dog.

Every time I see someone say it's easy to eat healthy and cheap I feel angry. They must know something I don't because all I see is packaged ready made food for like 99cents or 2 bucks and then I buy a bushel of kale for THREE DOLLARS.

What's up? Are you exercising? 

Amelia said...

Exercise saves me. From smoking, excessive vodka consumption, that pit I've been teetering on the edge of for far too long. I have to fight the urge to make out with my treadmill. Best non required piece of machinery purchase we ever made. I also do DVDs, I have a few Jillian Michaels, an arm swoopy fat burning Pilates for when my neck and shoulders start cramping (often).

I do not have healthy living with a side of cost effectiveness down either. I bought frozen spinach for my smoothies. I try, but we're not doing as well as we should.

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