Monday, March 4, 2013

Hiking with a Hilarious Fall

Lola and her best friend who lives in our complex, E, both wear their hair like this four out of seven days. It's very practical for hiking.

-random giggling and shrieking-

Gorgeous hike in Poway.

Uphill, downhill. 

Mr. Curry has the sexiest legs. Hands, arms, shoulders... 

Let's see where we are

So beautiful.

Ever LOVES our hikes. She's all wide eyed enthusiasm and points out everything.

I walked ahead with the girls.

In the middle of our hike we found evidence of construction. And a rat. That lived in this pile of rocks, which we found out after. Ack


Lola exploring the deep gash where water ran.

Mr. Curry, Everkins, Ian, Lola and myself

Lola and E. spent the entire hike laughing hysterically or complaining while laughing hysterically. Lola and E are 11.

My love, up a tree.

They decided to race through the water...

and march through the water....

and fall in the water!!

Finding clear water on the way back, they rinsed off.

My beautiful Lola Moon. My first daughter. My dainty proper girl with the enormous heart and creativity.

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere

Fat and Sassy Coyotes are what we got.

Mr. Curry and Ian Oliver. Love this photo. 

Getting acceptable for the truck.

The view outward.

Peeling out. OK, not really.

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