Saturday, March 9, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

These incredible images of naked bodies moved me. The elderly couple holding each other speaks a life. The birthing images are mind blowing. -Graphic NUDITY- I love women who are this bold, this sure, this grounded in themselves, this talented.

This article made me cry. I want to feed all the children. I feel there is something I can do, and sometimes I see kids who start movements and I think THEN WHAT AM I DOING? But then I remember I am raising three ( one already 'raised' and gone) children, one who is still nursing, and I know I am doing important work. I think there are local movements that need to happen all over the US. I think a lot of people are hungry and too embarrassed to say so, or like this article says, getting help but it's not enough. It's one thing for an adult to be hungry, it's totally unacceptable for kids. I wonder if I actually have the time to see about helping...I could try and find out. Local food stores throw out so much food. Maybe I could find others who want to help, and we could pick up the food an distribute it. But where? How do you figure that out? I can't just yell out RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU ARE HUNGRY

As you knowww, Mr. Curry has bipolar 2. This story is totally inspirational and awesome and I LOVE IT. I want to be a part of this.

This made me cry, huge silent tears. I was surprised that it moved me to the point of tears. I thought, aw this will be cool, but then I was deeply affected. A must see.  A man and woman are passionate lovers, then meet at The Great Wall of China to embrace and break up, to never see each other again. Until...

This struck a deep cord in me because right away, the image of Scarlett Johannson, the ugly words about her cellulite and being ugly, and then the author calling it out as SHAMING WOMEN> which it IS. I felt an old, familiar and painful gut punch reading this, because that ass looks a LOT like mine. For a moment I felt like those words were directed at me. Then I distanced myself. And then! I finally woke up, undistanced myself and got mad as hell! Fuck distance! Aim hurtful false arrows at women and  you ARE aiming them at me. From the time I can remember, I was aware that lumps, bumps and fat rolls were shameful as hell for a woman, and I vowed to never have them. I was anorexic and bulemic in high school, until my pregnancy with Dakota, which 'cured' me of those issues. I was lucky to escape from that burden and to find a way to love my body, but it took me a loooong time. We need to share this kind of article, to say these kinds of words, to speak up when someone shames a woman, to keep our own ugly thoughts to ourselves when the hurt parts of ourselves leaps up to say cruel words about women. I have two daughters, and I don't want them to live in a world where someone who looks like Scarlett Johansson is publicly humiliated because she has cellulite. I'm not saying I like cellulite, I'm not gonna lie. I'm just saying, it does NOT make you ugly or gross or unattractive or unsexy and we need to do better.

I am constantly reexplaining to Mr. Curry why I will not by processed meat unless it's everything free ( nitrites ) from the health food store, even though it costs a billion more dollars. ( OK slight exaggeration ) Mainly, we don't eat it, even the healthier kind. This is part of why.

Lidia Yuknavitch is a brave, ferociously talented writer and I was first introduced to her in the memoir The Chronology of Water. She's led and is leading an interesting, bold life and this interview with her is a good read.

Are you going to be blogging when you are 96?

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